• Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

    Henry Ford

Communication, Public Relations and Events

Carolina Vieira Consultoria is a unique platform where the Client will find a wide range of services within the communication, PR and events area. Under the Value by Carolina Vieira Consultoria brand name, it is offered services such as strategic communication, press office, PR and events management. These services are developed in line with Client’s needs, interests and goals to achieve.

As a consultancy company, it solves problems and inefficiencies and build together several and different skills in order to be “one stop shop” in communication, PR and events business areas.

Making things happen using the value added by its strong networking, Carolina Vieira Consultoria establishes the best partnerships to offer each Client a tailor made solution.

With a strategic perspective over the business, Carolina Vieira Consultoria describes itself as proactive and efficient company, really focused on Client’s needs.

Services Offered

  • Strategic Communication
  • Press Office
  • Institutional Marketing and Communication
  • Marketing of Influence
  • Crisis Management
  • Institutional and Corporate Publications
  • Digital Marketing and Social Networks
  • Clipping
  • Market Intelligence
  • Events management

Strategic Partners

Always looking for the best partnerships in order to help Clients achieving their goals of communication, promotion and reputation.

Tailor made proposals.

Finance Networking and Projects Consulting

Carolina Vieira Consultoria sits next to the Clients in order to understand their needs and help them with the relationship they have with different financial institutions.

Trust in the financial sector has become a challenge mainly after the recent crisis, the largest lived during the industrialized era. The concepts got more complex and sophisticated and the world is on a permanent change. Finding the most accurate investment or a portfolio that suits our expectations and risk profile is more difficult than ever.

So, the value added by Carolina Vieira Consultoria is helping Clients finding the best financial advisor, private banker or any expert who could help them with total independence achieving their financial goals. In order to provide this service, Carolina Vieira Consultoria works on building databases and collecting information of all the providers of the financial sector.

Also, the company could act as strategic partner developing and managing ad hoc projects to companies that are looking for developing and grow.